Five Tips for Lawn Care in Florida

The ever enduring quest for the greenest lawn….the age old Florida story.

But never fear! We are here to help you be the envy of your neighborhood. Not only do we offer specialized and individualized LAWN CARE, we want to share our green secrets with you:

The following five tips and tricks may be just what you need to up your green-game:

  1. FERTILIZATION — use the right fertilizer during the right time of year to feed your grass and keep it healthy. High Nitrogen Fertilizer should be applied between Spring and Fall, but cannot be applied during June 1st - September 31st due to the run off caused by the Florida rainy season.

  2. MOWING — never cut more than a 1/3 of the grass blade length, allowing the roots to grow deeper, protecting the grass all year long

  3. WATERING — do not over water! This can cause diseases and pests to invade your lawn. Rain gauges can help with over watering. Under watering, on the other hand, will starve the grass causing it to dry out. A proper irrigation system can help with both under and over watering — and a timer set for early morning or late evening is always best!

  4. WEEDING — always be sure to pull a weed from the root, or they may try to come back bigger and stronger.

  5. PEST CONTROL— if you notice any discoloration in your lawn, do not wait to call ALL SERVICE PEST MANAGEMENT.  The cause of discoloration can range from major diseases to destructive pests.

And a bonus tip!

CONTACT ALL SERVICE PEST MANAGEMENT at 941-627-5833 for a FREE-No-Obligation Quote to see how we can help your lawn be green and healthy year round. From Fertilization to Lawn Disease Diagnosis, we’ve got your and your Green covered.

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