Lawn Pest Control


lawn pest control, too?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that healthy lawns only require two things: water and sunlight.

This couldn't be further from the truth. 

If you've ever seen brown patches on a beautiful lawn, there's a good chance that pests are eating away at the roots of grass – and they're tough to stop. Beyond the damage these pests are causing to your lawn and ornamentals, the damage can spread in the form of bites, stings, allergic reactions, etc. 

Some of these pests can even manage to get into your home.

We are happy to provide both LAWN PEST CONTROL and ORNAMENTAL PEST CONTROL solutions.

The Three-Tier Approach

TIER 1: Insect Control

This is when we apply our insecticides to your lawn.

TIER 2: Fertilizer Application

This is when we feed your lawn and make it happy and healthy again.

TIER 3: Weed Control

This is when we nip weeds in the bud and really make your lawn beautiful again.





Avoid Bites, Stings, and Allergic Reactions

How often do you avoid spending time on your lanai or in your backyard because you're tired of getting eatin' up by all the bugs Florida has to offer? Well, it's time to take a stand against those bugs so you can, well, stand in your own backyard!

Besides eliminating pests that are harmful to your lawn and ornamentals, ALL SERVICE PEST MANAGEMENT, INC. will eliminate those biting insects that prevent you from enjoying being outside.

After we're finished, all you will need to sit outside is a cozy chair, your Wi-Fi password, and something cold to drink.