The Formidable Formosan Termite - Possibly Spotted in Cape Coral, FL



The Formosan Termite, aka the "Super Termite," is a subterranean species of termite and the most destructive of more than 2,000 termite species in the world. In the SWFL Area, we have had less than 20 confirmed cases of the Formosan Termite (verified by the University of Florida's Pest Management Learning Laboratory).

Earlier this week, a fellow team member of ALL SERVICE PEST MGMT, INC. was inspecting a boat in the Cape Coral area and came across what he believed to be the dreaded Formosan Termite. Our lab sent two specimens to the University of Florida Pest Management Learning Laboratory for verification. Once confirmed by the University, this will mark the 5th case of the Formosan Termite in Cape Coral.


In the proper climate, a Formosan Termite colony can destroy a home in less than six months. The best way to protect your home from irreparable damage is through annual termite inspections. 

Signs you may have a case of Formosan Termites include:

  • Individual Insects; 
  • Mud Tubes; 
  • Hollow Wood;
  • Nests.

If you suspect you may have Formosan Termites, or any termite for that matter, please give ALL SERVICE PEST MGMT, INC. a call at (941) 267-5833, fill out our CONTACT FORM, or visit our TERMITE CONTROL page for more information.