Your Bug-ly Calendar

It’s time to review the Bug-ly Calendar!

At different times during the year, different pests are prevalent and different treatments are recommended. The following 'Calendar’ will review a prevalent pest or recommended treatment for each month of the year.


Termite Inspections are recommended for every homeowner once a year! Start your year off right and schedule yours.


Bring on the mosquitoes. You read that right. Mosquito season starts as early as February in SWFL. A mosquito treatment can protect your home from the damage and annoyance of mosquitoes. Call us today to schedule yours!


Though a bit early, bee colonies can begin to swarm in March. If you notice a bee colony near your home or workplace, never attempt to remove it yourself! This could prove dangerous not only to yourself, but to those around you.


Bat maternity season begins April 16 and ends August 14. Bat exclusions cannot be performed during this time of the year to protect the mothers and their babies. If you believe you have a bat in your home or business, please call us right away and do not attempt to remove the bat yourself.


Love bug season! Get ready to sweep your porch and get a car wash! Not much can be done to prevent these pesky little critters in love, but we Floridians can commiserate together.


The fertilizer ban is in place! During the rainy season, fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus cannot be applied to any lawn until October.


Chinch bugs can be very damaging to your lawn during the warm summer months. That green you hold so dear may slowly fade to brown for no apparent reason. ASPM offers lawn treatments to keep the pests off your lawn and keep you the green envy of your neighbors.


Carpenter ants swarm all year long until August and like termites can be very destructive during their busy season! Be vigilant to avoid these little monsters.


Love bugs….again…you just can’t get away.


Spiders are attracted their food source—insects. If you have a spider infestation in your home, you may have an insect infestation. Be sure to always breaking webs when you see them and use a natural spider repellent, like water infused with mint.


Cockroaches are common year round in SWFL and as always, be very careful with the food that you leave out! However, when the colder months come around, many of them are going to find homes to multiply in and you will need a professional to rid your home of these resilient creatures.


Mice like to be warm too! The colder months push rodents inside. Call us today to inspect your home for potential, hard to notice vulnerabilities that could cost thousands in rodent damage.

We hope you find this list helpful and no matter the time of the year, if your home or business has a pest problem call ASPM right away and our team will be there to help.

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